Circular image and letter Event Center is a registered trademark of Event Center Ltd. and is only allowed to use it. Event Center OÜ with the consent and conditions.

The logo is in a stylish appearance from its size
to typeface.

The Event Center logo consists of a round image and text.
The font is used in the text “PF Square Sans PRO”.
In the case of a positive logo, the round image of the logo is always blue and the letter “Event Center” is dark blue, according to the corporate colors.
In the case of negative use of the logo, it is permissible to use either a light blue or white letter and a white letter for a round image.

Logo colors:
Round image C 70, M 0, Y 0, K 0
Letter “Event Center” C 100, M 70, Y 0, K 28

The Event Center logo for separate use of the image and part of the text is not allowed.
The smallest recommended size of the logo is 20 mm.