Rental conditions

Event Center OÜ rental conditions:

  1. The renter must be a citizen of the Republic of Estonia who is at least 18 years of age.
  2. The renter must carry an EV pass or ID card or a driver’s license.
  3. The rental period shall be the period between the dates of taking and repaying the leased asset, including the date of the taking and return. The leased property must be returned no later than 12.00 at the end of the lease term. If the property is returned later than 12.00, the rental day will be added.
  4. Rental fee is the price fixed in the contract by the contract.
  5. The lessor has the right to demand a deposit from the device, which, after the return of the equipment, is returned to the lessee. The lessor has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally if the lessee is not competent enough to use the leased equipment.
  6. The rent does not include the cost of the energy needed for the equipment and the cost of maintenance.
  7. The cost of transporting the leased property is not included in the rental fee.
  8. The lessee is obliged to compensate for the damage caused by careless or improper use or poor maintenance of the leased asset.
  9. In the event of the destruction or loss of the leased property, the lessee is obligated to compensate the lessor for the price of the new equipment purchased instead. The lessee does not have the right independently, without the permission of the lessor, to do it himself or to order repairs of other spoiled property.
  10. The lessor is not liable for the use of fire safety regulations and other mandatory precepts for the use of the leased property by the lessee, as well as for losses that can arise in the use of the leased property by the lessee or a third party.
  11. The device must be returned to the lessor by cleaning, otherwise the lessor will clean the equipment at the expense of the lessee.
  12. The lessee has no right to transfer to other persons the rights and obligations arising from this agreement, as well as the equipment leased, without the permission of the lessor.
  13. In the event that the equipment has been repaired by the lessee, after the equipment has been repaired, the lessor must inform the lessee within seven days of the failure and the lessee is obliged to compensate all the repair costs, incl. transportation cost.
  14. The renter is required to ensure a proper flow of equipment. Complaints will not be accepted if the disturbances caused by poor flow interfere with the operation of the equipment. Voltage fluctuations due to equipment failures are repaired at the expense of the grantor’s tenant.
  15. Collection and legal expenses shall be paid by the lessee upon collection.
  16. In case a lessee who is a legal person can not fulfill the obligations arising from the contract, is bankrupt or insolvent, the natural person who signed the contract undertakes to guarantee all the requirements arising from the contract up to a maximum of 100 000 euro and agrees to publish his personal data in the Krediidiinfos.
  17. If the undersigned has no signature right in the company, the undersigned is responsible for this contract in person.
  18. If the lessee violates this agreement or leaves the equipment unattended, the lessor has the right to take the lease back without the consent of the lessee and all obligations shall be borne by the lessee.
  19. The rental invoice will be submitted during the current month. The invoice is subject to payment according to the payment terms indicated on the invoice. For late payment, 0.5% of the net amount is added to each delayed day.
  20. Disputes arising from the execution of a contract shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure provided for in the laws of the Republic of Estonia if the dispute can not be resolved by negotiation.