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Event Center

Event Center is a company offering technical solutions to events, which started operations in 2003 and is still up to date. The entire company is an Estonian company.

We offer a full service that includes audio, and video equipment and stage rentals, we can also rent tents, furniture and various decorations. In addition to serving the events, we sell and install professional audio, light and video equipment. We provide our customers with a complete technical solution with their respective services. Recently, our services included a full service event organization.

Over the years, we have served more than 7,000 events in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe. Among the projects carried out there are events of very different formats and content: festivals, concerts, company and customer events, winter and summer days, product presentations, trade shows, conferences, seminars, sports competitions, weddings and many other wonderful activities. Our main clients are various national institutions, event marketing agencies, entertainment companies, organizers of concerts and festivals, as well as local and international companies.


The Event Center today employs 20 full time staff members, plus freelance technicians. The professional team is oriented towards developing the best solutions for the client, the key words of the customer relationship are speed, precision and friendly and smooth handling.

From idea to execution!